A Walk in my Shoes Reviews


“The film is very touching…it truly captures the real-life struggles we face every day. The cinematography is really spectacular.  The music is great as well.” Read more at KidsFirst.org

“A real, authentic Family Movie Night on network television! What a concept!” Read more at Dove.org

“Best TV Show of the Week, ‘A Walk in My Shoes’ is a moving drama…” Read more at ParentsTV.org

“Another Family Movie Night winner with ‘A Walk in My Shoes’.  The movie is brimming with content that’s both inspiring and relevant, since it deals with economic hardship, the loss of a parent (and husband) in war, and a veteran’s difficulty readjusting to life after combat.” Read more at CommonSenseMedia.org

“A sunny tale that stresses helping those less fortunate and encourages empathy and good communication.” Read more at PluggedIn.com



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