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Secrets of the Mountain

An edge-of-your-seat action and adventure movie following one family’s quest to find answers to an ancient secret.

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The Jensen Project

A high-tech race against the clock as one family must find the mole within a secret organization and recover dangerous technology that has gotten into the wrong hands.

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A Walk in My Shoes

A powerful drama that will challenge your perspectives and change the way you look at everyone around you.

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Change of Plans

A heartwarming story of an on-the-go couple who unexpectedly become legal guardians of four kids, three of them from third-world countries.

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Truth Be Told

A marriage counselor who has never been married fakes having a family in order to land a job as a talk-show host in this romantic comedy.

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Field of Vision

Mysterious footage captured on an old video camera shows star quarterback Tyler McFarland that some of his teammates have been bullying Cory Walker, the new transfer student. Standing up for Cory may just cost him everything. Will he do the right thing?

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Who Is Simon Miller?

When Simon Miller goes missing, his family finds more questions than answers. They discover passports with multiple aliases and a secret storage facility; then they receive a desperate phone call for help. Who is Simon Miller? And what has he gotten himself and his family into?


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Game Time: Tackling the Past

Pro-football star Jake Walker returns to the small hometown he left in pursuit of a Hall of Fame football career. But when he finds that his contract isn’t being renewed, he’s forced to reconnect with the family and friends he abandoned along the way. Can this all-star overcome his painful past in order to establish his future?

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Game of Your Life

When gamer Zach Taylor lands a scholarship for an exclusive video game design program, his future looks promising, as long as he can survive the freshman project that will eliminate half the class. But when Zach learns that his father is in financial trouble, he has to make a choice that will affect his future and the lives of everyone around him.

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