What We Do

We lift your imagination



We create powerful stories that stimulate the mind and awaken the human spirit, making the extraordinary possible in all of us. If we’ve drawn you in and you feel like you can’t take your eyes off the screen for a second, we’ve done our job. Each Flyover movie and TV show delivers stories with impact—making you laugh and cheer, and sit on the edge of your seat wondering what’s next. We create authentic characters and compelling story lines that twist and turn. Our stories make you think about the world with optimism and possibility because they are steeped in universally valued truths like honesty, humility, perseverance, and love—purely great entertainment that everyone in the family can enjoy together.

Our Services

Programming For All

As storytellers, we want to create entertainment that can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages, so we make movies, TV shows, music, books, games, educational materials, social media, and other online entertainment in all genres.

Connecting Through Innovation

We’re at the forefront of media and entertainment innovation. We use rigorous research to develop story concepts, execute high-quality production, and deliver world-class marketing, so in the end, the connection forged with you is unforgettable and everlasting. And no matter the place or device, we leverage the latest technology so you can enjoy our stories anytime, anywhere.

Consulting with Excellence

We also collaborate with others and provide consulting services. Our expertise in creative development, production, media planning, marketing, and distribution gives us the ability to infuse clients’ ideas with imagination and the serious know-how needed to bring a project to market with the best opportunity for success. Our consumer research services allow clients to learn and engage with the audience to ensure that the final product is a smash hit!

See Our Work



Great storytelling has the power to bring us together, especially if there’s buttered popcorn involved.  In our biggest production to date, and we do mean BIG, we contracted with P&G and Walmart to create, develop and execute Family Movie Night designed to bring families together to watch great movies on Friday and Saturday nights.

Our Flyover Studios team did it all: We created, produced, branded, marketed, and distributed nine new Flyover movies that over 40 MILLION VIEWERS enjoyed in prime time on NBC and Fox. To pull this off, we raised tens of millions of dollars negotiating sponsorship deals with P&G, Walmart, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Apple, FedEx, LG, AT&T, NASCAR, HP, Hasbro, ConAgra, Chik-fil-A, State Farm, Kellogg’s, Kraft, 20th Century Fox, Sony and many others. Besides making great movies, we wove product placements into the movies and kept viewers from changing the channel during commercial breaks by creating bumpers and billboards with intriguing Trivial Pursuit questions. Ad Age hailed Family Movie Night as one of the Top 10 Product Placements of the Last 10 Years. And after the movies aired on TV, we kept the story going on DVD and Blu-ray so families could watch them over and over.

We also made Walmart’s aisles come alive with in-store displays (with sponsored products featured in the Walmart circular) that led to millions of dollars in additional sales and over ONE MILLION Family Movie Night DVDs being sold. This included 800,000 bonus packs bundled with original movie soundtracks and 48 original songs produced by Randy Jackson with exciting new artists.

Family Movie Night was also a launching pad for our sponsors’ new products, like Microsoft’s innovative Xbox Kinect, in which we offered a unique opportunity to order it in advance at Walmart.com.

And finally, to embrace the universal truths within each movie, we collaborated with not-for-profit organizations such as Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program, USO, Fort Belvoir, Wounded Warrior Project, Walter Reed Hospital, National Naval Medical Center, Operation Family Connect, National Council for Adoption, Special Olympics, NEA’s Bully Free Starts With Me, and Give Education, inspiring viewers to do more than watch—to take action.

When it all wrapped up, our sponsors had the perfect ending: over ONE BILLION MARKETING IMPRESSIONS on average per movie, and millions of viewers who were grateful for all the Family Movie Night events. A few awards came our way including an Effie Award for Family Movie Night promotion including: TV spots, print ads, newspaper ads, radio spots, in-store displays, PR events at our movie sets, DVD packaging and menu systems, branding, logos, poster art and social media campaigns. We were also thrilled that the Directors Guild of America nominated Doug Barr, our Director for Secrets of The Mountain, for the Outstanding Directorial Achievement Award. That’s a powerful story we wouldn’t mind repeating again! In fact, we are working on the stories for our next round of Flyover movies so families can enjoy Family Movie Night together for years to come.